COVID-19: Education

UNM is closely monitoring the global public health concern related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) through trusted authorities including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)U.S. Department of StateWorld Health OrganizationNew Mexico Department of Health and UNM Health Sciences. 

UNM's Bringing Back the Pack has useful information on updates, resources, and prevention.

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Please use the chart below to decipher your symptoms.

COVID-19 Compared to Other Common Conditions (cold, flu, allergies) Chart. Source:

See also: Similarities and Differences between Flu and COVID-19​ - CDC


Social Distancing

Social Distancing: Avoid group gatherings, restaurants, bars, etc.


Social Distancing Safe to Do: Take a walk, go for a hike, get takeout, etc.

Managing Fears and Anxiety Around Coronavirus

COVID Managing Fear: Get the facts, keep things in perspective, be mindful, stay healthy, etc.

A Video Message from Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many people are struggling with worry and anxiety. To help everyone cope, we are making mindfulness exercises available to those in need through this difficult time.

For more information about your UNM TAO, click here.

Coronavirus - Prevention

Stop the Spread of Germs

Stop Spread of Germs: Avoid close contact with others; cover your cough; avoid touching face; clean and disinfect surfaces; stay home if sick. Source:

Life Is Better With Clean Hands

Stop Germs! Wash your hands. When and how. Source:

How to Cough Without Infecting Others Video