Meet Our Staff

Our Health Promotion team aims at assisting all Lobos be the healthiest version of themselves. By providing resources, programs, and services, we aim at supporting UNM students in their academic, personal, and professional goals. Together, we are devoted to creating a healthier UNM campus for students to be able to build their individual capacity and have full access to everything wellness while attending UNM. In our office, we embrace diversity, social justice, and holistic health and promise to always meet the student where they are at. 

Benjamin Ferguson, Health Promotion Manager

Ben (he/him/his) has been working in the physical wellness field since he graduated from UNM in 2007. As a graduate from UNM, he is aware of the environment students must endure as they continue their academic journey. With the help of physical activity and proper nutrition, Ben is excited to share ideas and education to help students be the most successful versions of themselves. Ben will be planning and programming various student health events throughout campus to increase awareness of all the health improvement benefits the UNM community has to offer. In his free time, you will find him out in the mountains fly-fishing the stress away.

Traye Holland, Mental Health Training and Development Specialist

Traye (he/him/his) has been working in mental health ever since he was twenty years old, starting out in his home state of Oklahoma. An avid lover of mental health, he is happy to bring his experience and skillset to the University of New Mexico. As the Mental Health Training and Development Specialist, he provides outreach, trainings, and activities across UNM and its branch campuses all to promote mental wellness for students, with specialties in stress management, and suicide prevention. In his spare time, he likes to read or play video games with friends.

Lianna Maldonado, Health Education Coordinator

Lianna Maldonado (she/her/hers) is the Health Education Coordinator at SHAC. Originally from Farmington, New Mexico, she considers herself to be a true New Mexican. She graduated from UNM with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Population Health with a minor in Political Science. Since graduating, she has accumulated experience working creating marketing materials that educate different communities across multiple platforms. As a UNM Alum, she has found that she is passionate about providing college students with the information and tools they need to increase their overall wellbeing. Lianna will be focused on Health Promotion's Sexual Wellness programs, providing education and programming to UNM students. In her free time, Lianna enjoys golfing and walking her dog, Milo.

Lizbeth Olivarez, Peer Educator and Student Advocate

Lizbeth (she/her/ella) is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Population Health with a minor in Community Health Education at UNM. Outside of the classroom, she is a McNair/ ROP Scholar, Lobo Prevention Pack Ambassador, and President of the Student Health and Leadership Council on campus. She is always striving to gain experience in community-oriented settings to become a Public Health Practitioner in the future. Additionally, she loves to express her creativity through graphic design and stay connected with her peers through outreach and advocacy. Today, she continues to advocate for existing resources and services that target student health and wellness. Lizbeth is ecstatic to be a part of SHAC Health Promotion to use her skillset to promote preventative practices and healthy behaviors towards the UNM student population.

Joseph Baros, Peer Educator and Student Advocate

Joseph (he/him/his) is a peer and student advocate. He is from Los Lunas, NM, and is proud to call himself a New Mexican and Lobo. His passion for helping others has led him to pursue Nursing as his field of study, and he is grateful to be a part of the SHAC HP family. He continues to stay motivated to contribute as much as possible through outreach and planning to promote wellness towards all UNM students. He wants all students to know that he is always an advocate for his peers and is always willing to help a student in need. He hopes to be able to use his experiences here at SHAC to improve UNM and contribute to the healthcare field.