Lucy Outstanding Pack Award Goes to Lobo Prevention Pack and SHAC Health Promotion

June 24, 2021

SHAC is pleased to announce that UNM Student Affairs awarded this year's Lucy Outstanding Pack Award to the Lobo Prevention Pack and SHAC Health Promotion on June 23, 2021.

Per Dr. Eliseo Torres, Vice President of Student Affairs, this Pack was nominated for various reasons. The Pack worked to ensure students receive timely and accurate health information especially regarding COVID-19. They advocated for students in person and virtually, distributing face masks to students, staff, and faculty, and conducted informational workshops on topics ranging from sexual health to COVID-19 and survival skills. They teamed up with UNM UCAM to create the VaxThePack campaign. They consistently kept students informed about common health issues as well as COVID-19. They protected the Pack through various initiatives that were relatable to students.

Congratulations on being selected for this year's Outstanding Pack Award!

Award Announcement by Dr. Cheo Torres - Video


Lucy Awards - Outstanding Pack Award Information

Outstanding Pack is awarded to departments who display extraordinary integrity and generosity towards their team members, leadership, and other departments. This team faces problems head on with confidence and competence. This award is for departments whose team efforts have kept their departments afloat no matter what is thrown their way.  These departments consistently improve the lives of our students.  

For more info about the Lucy Awards, visit the Student Affairs website.