Hello Summer!

June 8, 2023 - Tiffany Martinez Durant

Hello Summer!

Whether you are taking classes this semester or taking the summer to recharge. I hope you were able to get a much-deserved break post finals. We envision you all sleeping in, enjoying that cup of coffee while binging your favorite show before even imagining your day starting. While we definitely miss our Lobos being on campus, we have been able to practice all things we preach and finally take a deep breath. However, that doesn’t mean the work stops!
Martinez Durant 2022
Your health promotion crew has been gearing up for everything New Student Orientation, shout out to our newest Lobos! If you are new to UNM and are coming to your orientation, look out for our presentation and our bright green shirts at discover fair! Ben, Traye, Lianna, Joseph, and I will be here to answer anything medical, mental health, or wellness that you may have, as far as our services go that is. Need help getting started or maybe bridging your healthcare from home to UNM? We can help with that too!

As we all enjoy the summer, we are planning a ton of really cool, exciting prevention education events and workshops for you this Fall. Want to learn how to utilize food and movement to the best of your ability while in college? Come to our Freshmen 15 Fact vs. Fiction event! How about learning how to properly adjust to college life? We have a workshop on that too. I mean, let’s face it, we talk about all the cool stuff….. food, fun movement, sex/ pleasure, maintaining your mental health……sooo keep your eyes out!

We can’t wait to see you all this Fall and hope you make the most fun experiences this summer! Until then, you can find Ben spending his summer out on the river fly fishing, Traye hanging with his friends jamming out on some video games, Lianna on the golf course making holes in ones, Joseph enjoying all that road trips have to offer, and me, Tiffany, hiking the mountains of NM.

Until we see each other again!