Student to Student - Population Health Undergraduate Network (PHUN)

February 10, 2022 - Emily Armijo

Emily Armijo smiles for the camera.Hey Lobos, I hope your semester is off to a great start. The beginning of each semester always feels like a new beginning and a chance to start fresh and to get new goals. With most classes fully in person or doing a hybrid model, it's nice to be able to come to campus, see old friends and make new friends, and have a nice change of scenery. Now that we are already in our fifth week, things are starting to pick up and our schedules are always busy, so remember to take time for yourself. 

This semester I am a student intern with SHAC and am working with the Lobo Prevention Pack advocating for students, coordinating events, and informing students on timely information regarding COVID-19. Look out for our team around campus. You can find us handing out masks or working events. If you have any questions about COVID or need anything, please feel free to stop by the Health Promotion Office in the SHAC building. I am also the Outreach Chair for the Population Health Undergraduate Network (PHUN). So, if you have any questions about the College of Population Health or Public Health in general, please feel free to reach out by stopping by the office or by emailing me at

As a senior I know what it's like to always feel like you are busy and constantly trying to catch up. We can all start to feel a little burnt out sometimes even if we don’t know it. You can identify burnout by asking yourself a few simple questions: do you lack the energy to be consistently productive? Have your sleep habits changed? Do you get irritable unexplainably? Are you cynical / critical about your work? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions you may be experiencing slow burnout, but just know you that you are not alone. For me, when I'm starting to feel burnt out, I try to focus on self-care, taking a break, and making time for things that I love. Taking plenty of breaks throughout the day, eating healthy snacks, and setting reasonable goals are great ways to prevent burnout. 

Keep up all the good work Lobos and just remember that all your hard work WILL pay off. If you need extra help, there are so many resources that are there to help you succeed. Use all the resources that are there for you NOW; don’t wait till your last semester to use them. Remember why you are pursuing this degree or certificate and how this will help you move forward. You are doing great things Lobos!!

--Emily, Lobo Prevention Pack