Dear SHAC: Needing Direction

October 11, 2018

Dear SHAC,

I have this friend who thinks they may have a mental health disorder. They never cry, but are disconnected from the world. They go to class, but can't remember anything. They used to love to go out on the weekends, but now they rather stay home and sleep. Is there a place that my friend can go and get screened? What does this entail?

Needing direction,
Your UNM Lobo

Dear Needing Direction,

Be Kind to Your Mind. October is Mental Health Awareness Month. There are 3 simple ways your friend can access a mental health screening. Your friend can go to the SHAC website (, click on Resources, and then Self-Help Tools. This will allow your friend to click the link Therapist Assist On-Line (TAO) or click the link to Screening for Mental Health.

Second, Counseling Services will be offering a Mental Health Screening Day on October 16, 2018 from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM in the SUB Atrium and in front of SHAC. Students will be given a Mental Health Screening questionnaire that can be self-scored and/or one of the counselors can help score their screen and make recommendations for possible treatment options.

Finally, your friend can come in to SHAC anytime Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. If a student comes in and checks into the front desk requesting mental health services, they will be sent to Triage. This will consist of a 15-minute mental health screening to help the student access the most appropriate Mental Health Services and is free!

I hope this information helps you and your friend and that you both will utilize SHAC in the future.

Signing off,

Your SHAC Counselor,

Stacy Lowe, LPCC

SHAC Counseling Services