Staff Profile: Benjamin Ferguson, Health Educator

March 10, 2022

Benjamin Ferguson smiles and leans against an adobe wall.Hey there, Lobos! My name is Benjamin Ferguson, your new health educator here at SHAC. You will be seeing a lot of me as I begin to implement all the wellness and prevention programs our Health Promotion office has to offer you!

A little about me and how I got here. I am a UNM Alum (Go, Lobos!), graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. We won't say when, but I will say my professors are still teaching here. Haha!

While at UNM the first time, I had a short, non-illustrious career in personal training and strength and conditioning. It was there where I found my passion in helping students such as yourself.

Helping students navigate the college life in the healthiest way possible, has always been an exciting part of my career. While my focus at that time was mainly physical fitness, I learned that physical health is not the only aspect we should consider regarding one’s well-being. No two college students are the same, that is for sure! Everyone has their own journey as they try to figure out their class schedules, work schedules, or social schedules. So please do not fret, we can make sure that we have you and your journey covered as well!

One thing I will stay true to, is that I believe if you can nourish some semblance of maintaining your physical, mental, and emotional health during your time in college, you can be truly successful in life. Therefore, I am here for all of you and whole heartedly want to be help you manage your overall well-being to be successful not only throughout college but life as well! See ya' around, Lobos!