Dear SHAC: Taking Care of My Mental Health

October 25, 2018

Dear SHAC, 

There are times that I feel that I am sad or overwhelmed, but nothing to the extent of actually seeing a provider at SHAC. Are there any help tools that I can use when I need them?

Your UNM Lobo,

Taking Care of My Mental Health

Dear Taking Care of My Mental Health,

A student studies under a tree. Mental Health Awareness Month is in October. UNM Student Health and Counseling. Call 505-277-3136.Sadness is a normal human emotion that many students can learn how to better manage. Provided that you do not have a more serious depressive condition, it can be healthy to embrace your sadness. Seek out safe spaces where you can express yourself and receive nurturance, cry, watch a sad movie, listen to sad music, etc. Sadness is a transcendent emotion, helping us make connections with others, with our deepest feelings, and with deeper meanings in the world. Healthy sadness can help us reexamine areas in our life that need a change, and can even help us reach deeper levels of appreciation of the nurturance available (if not from the source desired, then from alternative sources).

You can also make use of online tools such as Therapy Assistance Online (TAO), that can help you access helpful videos on how to better accept and manage the sadness. UNM students can access this service by logging into the TAO link

Signing off,

Your Mental Health Provider,

Ruben Zurita, LPCC

SHAC Counseling Services