Student to Student - Enjoy Balloon Fiesta!

September 30, 2021 - Olive Moss

Hi Lobos!

Olive Moss looks up at all the balloons at the NM Balloon Fiesta.It is my favorite time of the year here in Albuquerque: Balloon Fiesta! There is nothing better than waking up at three in the morning and going to watch the mass ascension. Even though I didn’t grow up in Albuquerque, I’ve attended five different times! Now, I think I have figured out the best way to get there and get around. This year will be a little different with COVID-19 so let’s dive into the best practices for this year!

First things first, buy tickets online! I like to buy the Park and Ride tickets and jump on the bus at the mall. This makes it easy because you don’t have to drive on little sleep, deal with parking and traffic, and it drops off right in front of the field. It is also the fastest route to and from the field because the bus gets to take a blocked off street with no traffic. Therefore, you get to the field before most people! The Park and Ride tickets are $22 and include general admission. General admission is $15.

Now, the night before. I lay my outfit out and my fanny pack filled with my printed tickets, mask, hand sanitizer, wallet with cash, and an empty reusable bag for the clothes you will take off as it starts to heat up. Dress warm. I wear a long sleeve or two under a cute sweater, a cardigan on top of that, and then my winter jacket. For my legs I wear long johns under my pants. Don’t forget wool socks, a scarf, and a hat. It is freezing before the sun comes up so be prepared, there is no indoor seating.

Day of Balloon Fiesta, make sure you wear sunscreen! Even though masks are required this year, don’t forget to put some on. I put sunscreen on while I do my makeup, so I am protected all day. When you get to the field, make sure to grab a Blake’s burrito and hot chocolate to get the full experience. Stay hydrated too, don’t forget water. When eating breakfast, I like to find a place to sit on or near the grass so I can see the balloons get blown up. This practice is essential this year, because it will allow you to eat socially distanced where you can enjoy your breakfast without stress.

While COVID-19 is still prevalent and cases are going up, you can still enjoy Balloon Fiesta safe and healthy. Hopefully my tips help a bit, and you feel comfortable going to Balloon Fiesta whether it’s your first time or tenth! I can’t wait to see all the pictures you will take!

--Olive, SHAC Health Promotion