Counseling Services

A student is sitting in a counseling session and smiling.Counseling Services are available to all enrolled UNM Main Campus students to help them function successfully in their academic lives. When students are challenged by excessive stress or difficult personal problems, psychological and/or psychiatric support may be helpful or necessary.


To access SHAC Counseling Services, see Counseling Appointments.



Welcome to Counseling Services poster is displayed in SHAC hallway.Confidentiality is essential for effective treatment. All licensed mental health providers are bound by ethics and the law to maintain client confidentiality. For this reason, counseling records are not connected in any way to university records or official transcripts. People or offices outside of SHAC are not authorized to receive information about client visits to counseling and cannot view a counseling file except by the written consent of the student client.

Confidentiality may be broken if, in the judgment of the treating provider, there is concern about a serious threat to self or others, suspected child or elderly abuse, or a court order by a judge

A therapeutic relationship based on respect and safety is considered essential so students are encouraged to participate in treatment planning and goal setting, and to raise any concerns about counseling with their provider or by using the SHAC Comment form. An ethical therapeutic relationship between a student and provider cannot involve other types of connections such as professor-student, employer-employee, personal friendships, business relationships, and/or sexual intimacies.

For information about Counseling Services, call SHAC at (505) 277-3136.

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