Wellness Journal

Dear Lobos:

The SHAC well being journal includes coloring pages, writing prompts, weekly schedules, and more. Download PDF for free.Time has been difficult lately. Many of us are struggling in our own individual ways. With this struggle, maintaining organization can be difficult. Stress, while a part of college, should not be something that hinders our success.

Your Health Promotion team values you and your success in college and wants to do all that we can to help you reach your college goals. Therefore, we bring you this wellness journal that can not only assist with your organization skills, but also positively contribute to your mental health. You, our amazing Lobo, matter, and you will get through this!

Click on the link below to download your free journal:

Lobo Balance Wellness Journal – Fall 2022 thru Spring 2023


Your SHAC Health Promotion Team


P.S. Have ideas on how to make this journal better? Email us! peerhelp@unm.edu