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James Shrum: SHAC Associate Director of Operations
February 9, 2023

James Shrum poses against an adobe wall.

UNM SHAC would like to welcome James R. Shrum as its new Associate Director of Operations.

Jim “Shrummy” Shrum was formerly the Manager of Administrative Operations in the UNM School of Me…


Mental Health - When to Seek Care
March 2, 2023

Dr. Stephanie McIver poses in front of an adobe wall.

As human beings it is common and expected for us all to experience a whole range of emotions and intensities just as a function of being alive. Our moods shift daily, depending upon our experiences an…


Student to Student - PT Ergonomics
April 11, 2023

Janeth Soria is sitting in a car and smiles for the camera.

Hello everyone! My name is Janeth Soria. A little bit about myself: I come from Sunland Park, a little city near El Paso, but my entire family is from Mexico. My favorite animal is penguins since they…



HP Staff Summer Blog Post
June 8, 2023

Martinez Durant 2022

Hello Summer!

Whether you are taking classes this semester or taking the summer to recharge. I hope you were able to get a much-deserved break post finals. We envision you all sleeping in, enjoying t…