A cup with the word Peace on it holds highlighters.Sometimes emotional distress or disturbance in one’s life can be so severe that it requires medical intervention. Medication may be recommended at intake or during a routine counseling or medical appointment if a provider becomes concerned that the distress or behavioral disturbance puts that student at risk for harm or jeopardizes their ability to meet the requirements or responsibilities of student life. Often a medical provider can address a medication need for issues such as uncomplicated depression or anxiety, or sleep impairment. However, more severe issues, complex diagnoses, history of non-responsiveness to medications, and complex medication regimens require an appointment with our psychiatrist. All psychiatry appointments begin with counseling OAAT (or One At A Time) Session for the completion of intake paperwork and referral. Assessment appointments are 50 minutes and medication follow-up appointments are 20 minutes.

How does a psychiatrist differ from a counselor or psychologist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with an M.D. degree and expertise in the neurochemical interventions to address mental and emotional distress and disturbance. Psychiatrists primarily take a pharmacological approach to treating illness and at SHAC typically do not do therapy.