Mission Statement

Mission: UNM Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) staff provides quality health services and programs to foster student success and wellness. 

Quadruple AIM:  Improved Patient Experience, Population/Public Health, Readiness to Learn, and Cost Reduction 

Core Values

Quality Student Experience:

  1. Student-centered, dynamic approaches to health service delivery.
  2. Inviting, affordable, accessible, and accredited services.
  3. Integrated, collaborative, and comprehensive services.

Student Success/Outcomes:

  1. Programs and Services:
      • Improve, support, and elevate personal wellness skills to foster student resilience and academic success.
      • Promote a healthy, safe campus, for a positive learning environment.
      • Increase the likelihood that students will complete their educational goals, by assisting students with interventions for acute mental or medical health problems.

Data Driven Decisions:

  1. Data is used to design programs and services, including data measuring quality of care, student satisfaction, service utilization, and resource allocation.
  2. Programs and services use evidence-based care, benchmark best practices, and continuously improve processes.

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