Flu Prevention: Stay Healthy This Semester

November 7, 2019

Stop the Spread of Germs

Prevent spread of disease. Cover your mouth to sneeze or cough. Person sneezes into her arm.

Cover Your Mouth because germs can spread easily to others.

Flu Myths and Facts

Flu facts: Anyone at any age can get the flu. The shot is made from inactive virus that cannot transmit infection.

Flu facts: Flu strains change year to year so you need to be immunized annually. Some people die from the flu.

Flu Stats for 2017-2018. Source: cdc.gov/flu

Flu Prevention Tips

Flu prevention tips: Wash hands, use hand sanitizer, and wipe down surfaces.

Boost your immune system. Exercise. Eat healthy. Sleep well.

Boost your immune system: reduce stress; limit alcohol and smoking.

Get a Flu Shot!

Flu germs carry "Flu Virus" sign. You don't have time to get sick. Get a flu shot.

Photo of Raymond Plotkin. Take One for Raymond: SHAC dedicates flu shot clinics in memory of Raymond Plotkin who passed away from H1N1 virus in 2009.

Flu Shots for UNM Students

UNM students can schedule an appointment to get a flu shot at SHAC (while supplies last during October through February). To schedule an appointment, call SHAC at (505) 277-3136.

Flu Shots for the Community

Visit CDC Flu Vaccine Finder to find a local pharmacy that offers flu shots.

For more updated / detailed information, visit the SHAC Influenza Webpage.