Pharmacy Over-the-Counter (OTC) Items

December 3, 2020

Be Well.  Feel Well.  Do Well.

The SHAC Pharmacy stocks a wide range of brand name and generic over-the-counter products. Need help? They are happy to assist you. The SHAC Pharmacy serves all UNM students, staff and faculty.

If there is an item you need and do not see it on the list below or would like a recommendation, please call and speak to the Pharmacy staff at (505) 277-6306. 


Pharmacy During COVID

Call the Pharmacy to place your order, and they will bring it outside to you when you arrive at SHAC. 


OTC Items Available at the SHAC Pharmacy



SHAC offers a variety of OTC items for COVID care (e.g., throat lozenges, cough medicine, pain relievers, etc.).



Pharmacy OTC items for allergies include sinus sprays and antihistamines.


Cough and Cold

Pharmacy OTC items for cough and cold include pain relievers, throat care items, and more.


Pain & Fever Relievers

Pain and fever OTC items include pain creams, patches, and medications.


Sexual Health

Sexual health OTC items include vaginal cream, Tampax, Pamprin, etc.


Digestive Health

Digestive Health OTC items include antacids, omeprazole, PeptoBismol, etc.


Ear, Eye & Mouth

OTC items for ear, eye and mouth include tooth paste, eye drops, earache relief, etc.


First Aid

First Aid OTC items include ACE bandages/wraps, Benadryl cream, hydrogen peroxide, etc.


Vitamins, Herbals & Supplements

Vitamin/Herbal OTC items include Cold-EEZE, zinc, vitamin C, echinacea, etc.


Skin Care

OTC skin care items include various hand and body lotions and creams.


Pharmacy Contact Information

Phone: (505) 277-6306  |  E-Mail: