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Message on Racism
June 5, 2020

The healthcare providers and staff of Student Health and Counseling want to express our solidarity and support for the marginalized and traumatized members of our community and acknowledge the tragic …



HonesTea with SHAC HP Podcast
September 3, 2020

HonesTea with SHAC HP (podcast): Things we all feel, but no one says. Green cup of tea.

Our SHAC Health Promotion (HP) team comes together to have real conversations about unspoken topics for the students of UNM. Medical professionals may pop in to tell their stories from time to time. W…



Pharmacy Over-the-Counter Items
December 3, 2020

SHAC offers a variety of OTC items for COVID care (e.g., throat lozenges, cough medicine, pain relievers, etc.).

Be Well.  Feel Well.  Do Well.

The SHAC Pharmacy stocks a wide range of brand name and generic over-the-counter products. Need help? They are happy to assist you. The SHAC Pharmacy…