Positive Psychology Workbook

 Book cover: Moving from Surviving to Thriving - Positive Psychology Workbook by Bruce W. Smith, Ph.D.

This is a free PDF of a Positive Psychology Workbook that is a gift from Bruce W. Smith, Ph.D., in the Department of Psychology at UNM with the help of the Center for Applied Positive Psychology in Albuquerque, NM. It is designed to enable everyone to better cope and make the best of a challenging and stressful time. It is based on the best of the positive psychology class that has been voted the best class at UNM and been shown to decrease anxiety, depression, and stress and increase resilience, hope, happiness, and well-being. You can download as many copies as you like for yourself and others. 

Below is the link where you can download the workbook for free as many times as you like: 



Note: A paperback version of this book is available for purchase on Amazon.