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Speak About It
August 30, 2018

Image of two people's legs. They are lying face down in the grass. Speak About It event. True stories about sex, sexuality, and relationships.

On Thursday, September 6, Speak About It, a national sexual assault prevention organization, will bring their empowering and enlightening show about consent and healthy relationships to students at t…

SHAC Open House 2018
August 24, 2018

Rob Yin, SHAC Counselor, stands outside SHAC with balloons in background.

Thank you to all of the students, staff and faculty who joined us for our second annual Open House on Wednesday, August 22, 2018!

Below are a few snapshots from this special event:

SHAC Greeter: Rob Y…


Curate Your Plate
September 18, 2018

Curate Your Plate Sept 17 thru 28 with healthy foods. Photo of a bowl with healthy grains.

We are excited to announce our #CurateYourPlate partnership with UNM Food!

For the next few weeks, we will be posting tips on how you can build a healthy, curated plate here on campus via …


Dear SHAC: Taking Care of My Mental Health
October 25, 2018

A student studies under a tree. Mental Health Awareness Month is in October. UNM Student Health and Counseling. Call 505-277-3136.

Dear SHAC, 

There are times that I feel that I am sad or overwhelmed, but nothing to the extent of actually seeing a provider at SHAC. Are there any help tools that I can use when I need them?


Dear SHAC: Concerned Friend
October 18, 2018

Ask for Help. It's okay. Ask others if they need help. #unmstrongertogether

Dear SHAC, 

I am worried about my roommate. Lately now, more so than ever, I've noticed their alcohol intake has increased and their moods have changed. They are drinking so much that they are un…

Dear SHAC: Needing Direction
October 11, 2018

Be Kind to Your Mind. October is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Dear SHAC,

I have this friend who thinks they may have a mental health disorder. They never cry, but are disconnected from the world. They go to class, but can't remember anything. They used to love t…

Dear SHAC: My World Feels Like It's Crashing
October 4, 2018

Your Mental Health Does Not Make You Weak. Call SHAC at 505-277-3136 for counseling.

Dear SHAC,

College is hard. There are due dates all around me and tasks dropping off my lists everywhere. I have to go to work, I have to be a student, and I still have to do everything else in life! …

Stomp Out Stigma of Mental Illness
October 1, 2018

Look mental illness in the eye and tell it you don't define me. Image of a wolf.

Dear SHAC,

Recently I have been diagnosed with a mental illness and I expressed to my friends what I was diagnosed with. Now, I feel like our friendship is different. I was never aware of the stigma t…


TAO: Self-Help for Stress, Anxiety and Depression
November 8, 2018

Images of wolves. TAO Protect the Pack.

Welcome to your UNM Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)! TAO offers free, mobile friendly help for stress, anxiety and depression. TAO fits around your busy life--anytime, anywhere.

This tool is used to m…

Inclement Weather - UNM Weather Advisories
November 8, 2018

Image of a snow man. Inclement Weather: Check UNM weather advisories as SHAC follows all UNM delays and closures.

Please remember to check UNM weather advisories as SHAC follows all UNM delays and closures.

UNM uses several methods of communication to alert the campus community with specific information about the…


Graduates What Is Next in Your Healthcare?
December 6, 2018

Graduates: What Is Next in Your Healthcare? Look at insurance. Choose a provider. Transfer medical info.

Follow-Up Care at SHAC

Students no longer enrolled at UNM (due to graduation or other reasons), who are established with a SHAC provider, may be seen to provide continuity of care while they are seek…

Finals Stress
December 6, 2018

Finals Stress. Breathe. Sleep. Be mindful. Listen to calming music.

SHAC Resources for Students:

SHAC Phone: (505) 277-3136