Student Health Leadership Council

Student Health and Leadership Council (SHLC) has served as an advocate for UNM students since 1992. We collaborate directly with Student Health and Counseling: Health Promotion to identify relevant health needs and inequities among the UNM student population. SHLC is motivated to ensure the student healthcare remains comprehensive, accessible, and affordable. SHLC consists of undergraduates and graduate students from multiple disciplines (i.e., pre-med, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy, health education, public health, counseling, psychology, marketing, business, education, biomedical engineering, etc.) serving as peer advocates for student health and wellness, while aiming to improve existing student health resources and services.

SHLC meetings are open to all students during fall and spring semesters. ALL MAJORS ARE WELCOMED!

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SHLC Mission

It is our mission to ensure that UNM student health interests are represented in the development of health care policies and programs, such that all students will have access to comprehensive, accessible, and affordable health care.


SHLC collects and reviews students’ satisfaction with the SHAC services, in an attempt to identify challenges students encounter at all stages of obtaining care. SHLC may hold tabling events or use our social media polls to collect informal and anonymous feedback from the UNM community. To satisfy health initiatives, SHLC often hosts outreach and educational events or the entire student body.


SHLC is committed to representing the health interests of UNM students, which includes our members! Members will have the opportunity to explore careers in healthcare, learn about organizations and aligned partners, and engaged with like-minded peers. SHLC will distribute volunteer opportunities and participate in public service activities. We highly encourage our members to build community in the spaces they occupy.


SHLC is briefed on new initiatives and asked for input on potential changes to policies, services, and programs. In addition to conveying concerns and recommendations to UNM student health administrators. SHAC professionals regularly attend meetings to advise SHLC members who are looking to go into their related field.

Get Involved!

If you are interested in becoming a SHLC member for the upcoming academic year or have any questions about getting involved, please email us at or call us at 505.277.1074.

You must be a student in good academic standing, attend meetings regularly, and participate actively.

For updates and to learn more, please visit the SHLC Instagram page.