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International Travel Health

Travel Image - Man RunningTravel services are by appointment only.  Appointments are approximately one hour and are in high demand during peak travel seasons (prior to Spring Break, Winter Break, and the Summer Session). 


International Travel Immunizations and Consultations are available to all UNM students, staff, faculty, and their adult companions.  We recommend that you plan on booking your travel appointment at least 4-6 weeks prior to your planned departure.

Our comprehensive travel consultations include:

    • A printed report specific to your travel destination that contains information on any travel advisories and other relevant country-specific information (e.g., high altitude preparation, disease outbreaks, civil disturbances, etc);
    • Immunization record review and immunizations;
    • Prescriptions for anti-malarial medication and treatment of Traveler’s Diarrhea.

Travel Appointments & Information

Please call 277-3136 for an appointment. A receptionist will collect information on your destination and date of departure, and a nurse will call you back to schedule your travel appointment.

For information, please call 277-7925 to speak with an Allergy & Immunization/Travel Nurse.

Travel Consultation Visit Fee

    • UNM students (6 credits or more) = $15
    • UNM students (< 6 credits or no credits in summer) = $15 visit fee + $15 eligibility fee
    • UNM students from Branch Campuses = $15 visit fee + $15 eligibility fee
    • UNM-Sponsored Trip (Participants/Program Leaders) = $15
    • UNM Faculty/Staff/Retiree or Non-Student Traveling Companion = $50

 Immunization Costs

    • Costs vary and are not included in the consultation fee.  Costs are dependent upon your medical and prescription insurance. For information, call the Allergy & Immunization/ Travel Clinic at 277-7925.

Please note: Appointments for travel-related illness or travel physicals should be made with your primary care or SHAC provider. The Travel Clinic sees patients specifically to discuss pre-travel topics such as immunizations, prophylactic medications, and other health-related concerns related to the planned trip. No physicals are provided at the visit.

Immunization Clinic Appointment Hours



Travel Orientations/Discussions

SHAC health staff can provide a general travel orientation and discussion for your UNM class or group. Contact SHAC at or 277-4468 to schedule an orientation.