Medical Appointments: Scheduled & Same Day

Scheduled & Same-Day

SHAC is open for Scheduled and Same-Day Medical Appointments during SHAC Hours of Operation.

PLEASE NOTE: SHAC offers outpatient health services for all currently enrolled UNM students. SHAC does not offer pediatric care. SHAC is not a provider of emergency medical care. A medical emergency is defined as “posing an immediate threat to life, limb, or body function.”

In case of a medical or counseling emergency, dial 9-1-1 or go directly to a local hospital emergency room.


Schedule appointments in advance with your medical provider for:

  • Ongoing care of existing problems or conditions, lab requests, etc.
  • Routine physical exams or screening.
  • Referral to a specialist, if indicated.
  • Referral for lab test from outside MD or clinic.
  • Preventive issues, e.g., travel information and evaluation, nutrition, and contraception.
  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health

Please schedule an appointment in advance whenever possible so you can receive in-depth, comprehensive care. Please arrive 15 minutes early for appointments in order to complete the necessary paperwork and to check in at the Reception Area. Call SHAC at (505) 277-3136 to schedule appointments.


Same-Day medical appointments are available for medical concerns that demand immediate attention, such as:

  • Injuries
  • Sudden illness
  • Worsening of an existing problem

Waiting time depends upon the number of patients and the urgency of the problem.

Call SHAC at (505) 277-3136 early in the day for best availability of appointment times.

To refill a prescription:

  • Go to the SHAC Pharmacy or call (505) 277-6306.
  • E-mail the Pharmacy.
  • Make an appointment with a practitioner.

In General:

  • For Scheduled or Same-Day Appointments, call SHAC at (505) 277-3136.
  • SHAC Office Visit Fees for UNM Students: Updated information is pending; please call 277-3136 for current information.
  • Please give a 24-hour cancellation notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. See also our No-Show Policy.