Nutrition Consultations

SHAC now offers consultations with a Nutritionist. For information or to schedule an appointment, call (505) 277.3136.

Below is a brief breakdown of costs for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017:

First Visit Only: $15

Follow-Up Visit: $10

Below are common questions students have as well as the information they typically receive during their appointment:

1. What are the best oils to cook with?

  • Help sort through conflicting scientific info on oils
  • Provide recipe ideas using heart-healthy oils
  • Help you plan a diet with the right amount of healthy oils

2. What should I eat to lose or gain weight?

  • Calculate your calorie and protein needs
  • Make custom meal plans with you
  • Teach you healthy diet strategies

3. What should I eat for energy and muscle building?

  • Help you make a meal plan to provide sustained energy
  • Discuss safe/proven supplements to increase stamina and muscle mass
  • Plan your diet to maximize the benefits of your exercise

4. What foods enhance brain power?

  • Identify foods to boost your memory function
  • Help you plan a personalized “Brain-iac Diet”
  • Provide info on supplements and habits to improve recall

5. What if I have a food allergy?

  • Make custom meal plans with you
  • Recommend dietary supplements and food sources
  • Teach you healthy diet strategies

6. What is a good vegan or vegetarian diet?

  • Recommend non-animal foods that are rich in protein & iron
  • Obtain calcium without consuming dairy products
  • Recommend dietary supplements and alternative food sources
  • Make custom meal plans with you

Bring your questions to your next appointment with the Nutritionist.

Nutrition Award PhotoCongratulations to SHAC for being awarded a 2014 Public Health Role Model Award!

The Produce for a Better Health Foundation has recognized our efforts to help increase fruit and vegetable consumption among students through many efforts including our Nutritionist appointments and the SHAC Healthy Weight Program.

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