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Women's Health

Women's HealthMid-level practitioners and nursing support personnel staff the Women's Health Clinic. The Clinic provides:

    • Routine women's health care, including annual exams, family planning needs, STD screening, and general illness prevention information and counseling.
    • Front-line evaluation and treatment for gynecological problems, including colposcopic examinations.
    • Referral to gynecology physician consultants for evaluation of more complex problems.

Referrals to Women's Health are not necessary, but appointments are required. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (505) 277-3136.

See also STI Testing Options and the SHAC Condom-Mint Program.

Please note:

Women's Health Nurse and Patient
    • Plan B ® Emergency Contraception is available at the SHAC Pharmacy without a prescription. For information, call the SHAC Pharmacy at 277-6306.
    • The New Mexico Department of Health's Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program provides age-appropriate comprehensive breast and cervical screening and diagnostic services to eligible low-income women statewide. For info on this community resource, click on the link above or call the NM Department of Health at 1-877-852-2585.
    • Sexual & Reproductive Health Publications are available from the World Health Organization.