Staff Profile: Lauryn Gallimore, Education Support Coordinator

April 7, 2022 - Lauryn Gallimore

Lauryn Gallimore poses in front of plants.Hey, Lobos!

My name is Lauryn Gallimore, your new Education Support Coordinator at SHAC Health Promotion. I’m one of the faces you’ll see at our amazing wellness and education programs as well as at tabling events sharing the wonderful things SHAC has to offer! 

Now for a little about me! I am a recent graduate of UNM, and I loved my time here as a student. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education and have found my passion is spreading education to all age groups not just little ones!

While at UNM I was involved in many things including ResLife, ASUNM, and Greek Life. I was also a New Student Orientation Leader for 3 years which is where I found my love for helping students learn about and utilize all the great things UNM has to offer. 

Mental health is something that became very important to me during my time as a student and one of my goals is to help students learn the importance of not only mental health, but also physical and sexual health. 

I believe balance is important in every aspect of life,  especially when it comes to overall wellness. I hope to be an advocate and person of support to all students while helping them through their college life. 

I look forward to meeting and talking to y’all around campus. Remember you are capable and deserve great things! See you soon, Lobos!