Pre-Travel Health Information & Instructions



Please follow the appropriate travel instructions below:


GENERAL TRAVEL -- NOT ASSOCIATED with UNM-Sponsored Trip/Study Abroad Program

(UNM Students, Staff, Faculty, and Retirees with a current UNM Net ID and Banner Number):

Call SHAC at 277-3136 to schedule your Pre-Travel Appointment.

Once you have an appointment, the Pre-Travel Questionnaire form will be available to you online through our patient portal Online Student Health.  It is essential that this information is complete before your appointment or you may have to reschedule. Please enter your immunization history, and bring your immunization records for verification.

See also important Pre-Travel Information For Travelers With UNM ID -- Not Associated with UNM-Sponsored Programs or Study Abroad.




(UNM Students, Staff, Faculty, Trip Leaders, and Retirees with a current UNM Net ID and Banner Number):

Before calling to make your travel appointment, make sure you know the recommendations and/or requirements for your particular trip. For example, is a Certificate of Health required? If you are not sure, please check with your Trip Leader or Program. The Pre-Travel Questionnaire form will be available to you online through our patient portal Online Student Health once you have scheduled your appointment.

Please read and print the following instructions:

If you would prefer to see your primary healthcare provider instead of the SHAC Travel Clinic for this Pre-Travel evaluation, please download the UNM-Sponsored Trips/Study Abroad Programs Pre-Travel Questionnaire & Certificate of Health (Packet), which includes important instructions for UNM-Sponsored Trips and Study Abroad Programs. This should be available for review by your healthcare provider. Please note:  If you will be seeing the UNM SHAC Travel Clinic, the Pre-Travel Questionnaire will be available to you online once you make an appointment.



TRAVELERS WITHOUT A UNM NET ID LOGIN (Traveling Companions & Adult Family Members):

Please call 277-3136 to schedule your appointment.

Please download and print the SHAC Pre-Travel Questionnaire Form & Information for Travelers WITHOUT a UNM ID. Bring the completed form and your immunization records to your appointment. This information should be complete and accurate. Failure to disclose health problems may have serious medical consequences while abroad.



    Travel Consultation Visit Fee:

    • UNM Students (6 credits or more) = $15.00
    • UNM Students (< 6 credits or no credits in summer) =
      $15 visit fee + $15 eligibility fee
    • UNM Students from Branch Campuses =
      $15 visit fee + $15 eligibility fee
    • UNM-Sponsored Trip (Participants/Trip Leaders) = $15.00
    • UNM Faculty/Staff/Retiree or Non-Student Traveling Companion = $50

    Immunization Costs:

    • Costs vary and are in addition to the travel consultation visit fee. Costs are also dependent upon your medical and prescription insurance. For information, call the Immunization Clinic at 277-7925.
    • SHAC does not file insurance claims for staff, faculty, and retirees.

Immunization Clinic Appointment Hours


Travel Orientations/Discussions:

SHAC health staff can provide a general travel orientation and discussion for your UNM class or group. Call SHAC Health Education at 277-1074 to schedule an orientation.