Counseling Services: Important UNM Resource Links

Someone once wrote that troubles come in threes. Frequently our mental health issues are multifaceted. At times, problems beget problems. Because life isn't simple and mental health issues often accompany practical dilemmas, solutions need to be multidimensional. Counseling Services will help with emotional problems; other campus resources can address the "troubles" they accompany.

Counseling Services has composed a listing of links for important campus resources that may help to solve some of those accompanying problems:

Are you in need of after-hours support or psychiatric services?

Looking for support specific to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, military service or disability?

Are you a UNM athlete looking for counseling?

New to UNM? Are you a non-traditional, transfer, freshman, duel credit student or family member in need of information about the University and its resources?

Are you a graduate student who wants conflict resolution mediation with a faculty member or student?

Need a loan? A petition to file for financial independence? Looking for a job? Want to appeal the loss of your Lottery Scholarship?  Or establish residency?

Need academic advice, advocacy and/or class schedule information?

Are you a professional or graduate student in need of social and/or academic support?

Looking for religious or spiritual support?

Searching for academic support? 

Are you a high school student interested in earning college credits?

Thinking about declaring a major? Wondering about career choices?

Are you a student employee in need of free counseling?

Are you in need of housing?

Searching for social events?


Comprehensive List of All UNM Departments



Counseling Services Phone: (505) 277-3136
Counseling Services Fax: (505) 277-2020
After-Hours Crisis Counselor for UNM Students: (505) 277-3136; select option 3