Counseling Services: Limitations

Our services are general outpatient counseling, psychoeducational and outreach services, and psychiatric services oriented to the needs of UNM students.

Student requests for care sometimes exceed the service capacity of our staff. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the treatment available to any one student. The number of sessions appropriate to resolve your presenting issue will be determined with your provider at the time of service. Individuals who need more intensive care than Counseling Services provides will be referred to appropriate clinical providers or programs in the community. Counseling Services will provide emergency evaluation and referral services for UNM students, even those who do not otherwise qualify for care. During high demand times for service, students may have to wait for a regularly scheduled appointment.

Counseling Services is unable to provide care to students who are involved in litigation or court cases, with the exception of sexual assault. This includes arrest for DWI and other alcohol-related offenses. Referrals to community programs are available. Counseling Services is also unable to provide split care with community providers.

SHAC, including Counseling Services, does not provide medical or psychological evaluations for disability under the ADA. Students who need such evaluations should contact the UNM Accessibility Resource Center, Mesa Vista Hall, for appropriate referrals.



Counseling Services Phone: (505) 277-3136
Counseling Services Fax: (505) 277-2020
After-Hours Crisis Counselor for UNM Students: (505) 277-3136; select option 3