Counseling Services: Fees for Service

Students are not required to have health insurance to be seen in Counseling Services. Services are funded in part by student activity fees so that fees to the individual are as low as possible. There are fees for most visits, as well as a “no-show/late cancellation” fee.

Counseling Services Fee Schedule: Updated information is pending; please call 277-3136 for current information.

No Show / Late Cancel Policy

SHAC receives funding from the Student Fee Review Board which expects that student fees will be used responsibly. When a student fails to keep an appointment or cancels at the last minute, professional time goes unused and other UNM students fail to get timely service.

There is a $20 no show / late cancellation fee for ALL counseling appointments (even for "no charge" visits).

All appointments must be canceled by 3 p.m. the previous day (or by 3 p.m. on Friday for a Monday appointment), to avoid charges for a “no-show” or “late-cancellation.” After-hour messages regarding cancellations may be left on the Counseling Services phone line (277-3136). If you believe we have made an error in scheduling or you believe you deserve special consideration, please complete the online Petition for "No Show / Late Cancel" Form. 

Please note:

    • Student insurance will help cover the costs of care. It will not pay charges for “no-shows” or “late cancellations.”
    • Many psychoeducational and skills building workshops and groups are available at no cost.
    • You will be charged for release of clinical records to yourself, attorneys, or insurance companies.



Counseling Services Phone: (505) 277-3136
Counseling Services Fax: (505) 277-2020
After-Hours Crisis Counselor for UNM Students: (505) 277-3136; select option 3